A Close Look at Top 5 Eco Friendly Cars

Recently on 5th June, we observed the world environment day, and environmentalists, policymakers, social activists and others from the world reiterated their vow for bettering the environmental conditions on this earth. If you can’t participate in dedicated environment protection movements, there is still something that you can do to safeguard the environment. And one important thing is to choose products which are more energy efficient. Among these, perhaps the most important consideration could be about choosing a motor vehicle that contributes the least to the air pollution. Today, all leading brands are manufacturing eco-friendly cars.

So, if you are also cautious about the earth’s environment, you will surely love to buy a green and fuel efficient car. Let’s have a look at some of the top eco-friendly cars which will help you in your buying decision making.

1. Honda Civic Natural Gas: Price starts at $25,000; MPG – City 27/Highway 38
Driving a Honda Civic is a fun and it offers you a smooth driving experience. It consumes less natural gas while offers you a very good speed on highways. Its five-speed gearbox helps increase the low-end torque. Its multi-state HOV is its unique feature. The car was named as the Green Car of the Year in 2012 by the Green Car Journal.

2. Nissan Leaf: Price starts at $35,000; MPG – City 106/Highway 92
This green car can offer you a top speed of 90 mph. This vehicle could be a favorite of the modern population for its super-power speed pickup and is very economical. Despite offering a great speed, it’s known for its solid-breaking which makes it a preferable choice for driving on busy metro roads.

3. Ford Focus Electric: Price starts at $40,000; MPG – up to 100
This is the first all-electric passenger car launched by Ford. It can offer you a top speed of 84 mph and you will love its easy handling and a refined riding experience. One can use the MyFord Mobile app to remotely locate the vehicle conditions and can monitor it remotely. One can access the complete details of this car over Internet.

4. Mitsubishi i: Price starts at $30,000; MPG – 112
The 2012 Mitsubishi i is reasonably priced among most of the green cars. It offers better stability and maneuverability. Its engine can deliver a top speed of 81 mph and can cover up to 75 miles distance on a full 12-hour charge. It could prove a good eco-friendly vehicle for the city commuters.

5. Toyota Prius v: Price starts at $25,000; MPG – City 44/Highway 40
The 2012 Toyota Prius V is especially recognized for offering a smooth driving experience and for its feeble acceleration feature. But one can choose the “power mode” for a quick speeding up and to drive it easily through the hill slopes. The latest 2012 model is coming with spacious interiors that the car owners would always appreciate its roomy feature.

This list of green cars will give you an idea how car manufacturers are coming with their eco-friendly machines. It will too inspire you to buy a green car and think of the environment.

Authot: Neil Hilden contributed this guest post on behalf of www.airportmarinaford.com. He is a freelance automotive writer. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on auto and driving blogs.

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