A Glimpse Into The World Of Green Cars…

Going green is the hottest trend in the contemporary era and buying a green car is the most advantageous purchase in this league. From saving taxes to fuels and gaining brownie points on green car insurance, an eco-friendly cruiser can definitely benefit you and the world, especially the environment.

Before going deeper, it is imperative to clarify that these cars are not green in color but are admired because these are fuel efficient and release less hazardous gases as compared to any other car. Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Hybrid Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid are some of the best modern-day examples of green cars. Almost every car manufacturing company is striving hard to improve the quality of its hybrid or electric cars, with the aim to reduce pollution, eradicate the effect of global warming and to control the gasoline consumption.

Here are popular benefits of owning a green car.

• Green cars are more friendly to nature than regular fuel guzzlers

• Release fewer harmful emissions than petrol-powered motors

• Cause less damage to the atmosphere

• Light on earth’s rapidly diminishing fossil fuels

• Very economical on pocket as compared to fuel costs for driving

• Reduction in road and fuel taxes

Due to these inevitable benefits of owning a green car, more and more people prefer to buy these cars and thus, a variety of greener alternatives can be seen in the showrooms. Below are some of the most popular eco-friendly car alternatives for those looking forward to green driving.

Alternative Fuels

The use of alternative fuel in fuel cells is the most futuristic technology that is possibly thecleanest type of vehicle haulage. Cars with fuel cells have a great prospective but are still uncharted. Many big car brands are experimenting on the ethanol and hydrogen powered vehicles to come out with the best alternative.

Battery or electric cars
Another popular green car is the electric or the battery car. The electric cars are not new to the world; these are well researched out and also have a budding hold on the market. The battery technology is perking up; as a result we can see many electric cars coming up in the market. Though, the battery operated cars have certain limitation in terms of charging
capacity and speed limit, these cars are a great option as they emit no pollution and are
highly energy efficient.

The hybrids
When it comes to greener driving, the most famed name is of Hybrid technology. Hybrid cars are a unique invention, comprising the use of electric motor and an internal combustion engine. This technology aids to save much fuel as the electric motor takes over the charge whenever needed. During long trips, the gasoline engine can be shut down completely. The power from the gas engine also aids to charge the battery, so you need not fret about recharging it, like you have to with electric battery cars and the emissions are considerably lesser than other gas powered vehicles. The best example of a hybrid car is the Chevrolet
Volt 2013
that comprises the latest hybrid technology.

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