Can You Afford It? – The Model-S Makes Tesla Affordable

The Tesla Model S has been promoted as the Tesla for the common person. Tesla’s roadster was a high-end, high performance model that showed off what electric engineering could do at any price. Now Tesla is releasing a car that shows what an electric powered engine can do at a more affordable price.

Pricing Comparable to Standard Sedans

The Tesla Model S is a four-door luxury sedan that is expected to retail at around $50,000. That puts it right in the mid-range for luxury sedans, even before customers can take advantage of the tax break that goes along with purchasing an electric car. The Model S is still in the later phases of testing, but Tesla plans to release 20,000 models by next year. With a design that has been compared to high end sedans from Jaguar and BMW, the Model S is the furthest thing possible from the compact electric cars that have been released by Chevrolet and Nissan.

Electric Sedan Offers Three Battery Lengths

Customers can choose from three different batteries for their Model S. The low end offers 160 miles per charge. Mid range is a 220 mile option, with the high end at 300 miles per charge. The automaker has not released a pricing scale that reflects the different mileage options yet. The $50,000 price tag is for the 160 mile battery and other standard package features. All of the batteries are capable of being recharged in as little as 4 hours using the charging cable that is included with the purchase of the vehicle. A 45 minute quick charge option can be used when you need a quick top off of energy.

High Tech Interior

The dashboard of the Model S looks straight out of a science fiction movie. A comfortable 17″ touch screen control panel allows you to control the stereo, the GPS navigation system, and the temperature controls. Every Model S comes equipped with satellite radio and 3G wireless internet as a standard feature. The touch screen is fully internet capable. To underscore the environmentally friendly message of this electric car, the seats are upholstered in chrome-free Italian leather and the carpeting is made entirely from 100% recycled materials. The Tesla offers ample room, with seating for five adults and two extra rear-facing seats in the back.

Zero Emissions with Zero Sacrifice

Although you will be driving one of the greenest cars on the market, you will feel like you are driving any standard luxury sedan. The sedan can go from 0 to 60 mph in just under 6 seconds, and tops out at speeds of 120 mph. Drivers will have to become accustomed to the unique single speed transmission, but it shouldn’t take very long in this comfortable green machine. The money you save on gasoline will also make it easy to enjoy the luxury of the Tesla Model S.

Jessica Bosari writes for Car Insurance Quotes Comparison, a site that seeks to educate consumers about cars and help them compare car insurance.

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