Car repairs- Getting what you want and controlling your costs

If you’ve ever found yourself baffled by a range of costs for car repairs from different repairers, you’re not alone. Any form of car repair is potentially expensive, but you shouldn’t have to have a guessing game about how much you’re paying. The theory of the market is that competition drives rates, but in practice some repairers don’t mind making a few extra bucks at the expense of consumers.

The best way to find a good repairer with reliable costs and upfront quotes is to do some shopping around before you need help. It’s just too expensive and too uneconomic to be guessing about your costs. Running a car is expensive enough as it is, without unknown extra costs added.

Defining what you need in car repairs
The most effective way to find anything is to define exactly what you’re looking for before you start.
For motorists, the list of basic needs is pretty straightforward:

• Local service: This is a natural requirement, saving costs and time. It’s much more convenient, and it’s also better economically, reducing the need to reshuffle your life to get your car serviced.

• Top quality parts and service: There shouldn’t be any reason to worry that your car is being repaired with the serviceman’s collection of antique car parts or “interesting” foreign components. The only standard is the industry standard, and anything else isn’t good enough.

• Upfront quotes for work, parts and charges: This is best practice, and it’s also a reasonable consumer demand. The cost should be disclosed upfront, before work is undertaken. It’s not really acceptable to expect consumers to simple agree to pay anything and everything in the way of charges that someone feels like putting on a bill.

• Guarantees of service on time: The usual curse of car repairs is the time frame. The tired old scenario of “Guess when the car will be ready” is ridiculous in this day and age.

• No charges for travel time: Efficiency also means no dubious charges like travel time or extras. These charges are rip-offs in any sense of the word, and they’re also avoidable.

• Service quality: The best car repair services provide excellent quality service on a routine basis.

Finding the right car repair service
Finding the best service can be quite easy. The best car repair services are the major companies. Those who also provide mobile car repair are often the best of the lot. They can provide fast on-road service and are extremely well-organized.

The most important features of these services are:

• Scheduling: This is one of the most important parts of any type of car servicing, and whether the repairs are minor or major, the schedule is a sign of real efficiency. The best service companies don’t guess, they schedule, and they deliver on time.

• Brand name service: This can be very important for warranty purposes, and it’s also important for ensuring that the work is appropriate for the car model. That can be the difference between a running car and total immobility, so it’s worth considering.

Check out your local franchise car repair service, and ask a few questions based on the points above. Good car service is only a phone call away.

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