Cars for the family

When you think of Family cars , you think of a 5 door car with a reasonable boot and comfort of the rear seats too. Well the market has a range of these cars with the exact specifications required. The range of these cars were from the mid size sedans, to the crossover SUV’s some hybrid cars.

Most of them are hard roof cars as they are more practical with the family travelling together. These cars are supposed to be the top safe cars. They are safe cars coming with the antilock brakes , more than five airbags, child locks, and the electronic stability control.

The best family cars were those manufactured by the Japanese followed by the Americans and then the Koreans and the Germans.

Given below are a few cars

Toyota Pirus v:- The 2012 model of the Toyota has a good mileage. This hybrid mode is going to be a super hit as it is convenient for everyone’s pocket with the fuel hike. The roof-mounted spoiler is a catch for this car .This model is a bit longer, higher and also wider. Another attractive point of this car is the 50% more space in the boot.

Honda Civic Hybrid:-another of the good mileage cars. It is a hybrid gas and an electric and a gas car.

• The Chevrolet Cruze Eco is a manual transmission car but claims the best mileage. It claims 42 miles per gallon. The interiors and the exteriors have also been really appreciated.

• The Chevrolet Sonic: falls in the budgeted car segment with a style. The exteriors are well done. The interiors are also nice for a hatchback. The front seats are comfortable but the rear ones a bit cramped. But for the size and price it is a perfect roomy stylish and a comfortable drive.

• The Ford Focus: another budgeted car in its segment . It comes in both the hatchback and the sedan segments with good style and comfort.It comes with all the best features that ford can offer. It comes with a manual and a automatic gear option. The interiors are nice and sporty with the contrast of the body color on the seats.

Hyundai Elantra is a smart, stylish and fuel efficient car. It has a super pick up like all Hyundai cars and is a treat on the road. The car is perfect for town running but a bit noisy on the highway. It is a sedan giving a hatchback look .And it is not that expensive car.

• The Mazda 5 a cross over with three rows of seats and a large cargo carrier. The top end model has added features like the rain sensitive wipers the Bluetooth and leather seats which can be heated.

Kia Sorento is a stylish five door car with a sleek look . It comes with a V6 engine with 276 horsepower.

Many more cars are there for the family but in a higher section like the
• Volkswagen Passat a sedan
• Toyota
• Kia Optima
• Dodge Durango
• Toyota Sienna
• Honda Odyssey

We found cars in all segments fit for a family car and with all the safety measure.

Author Bio : Robert Smith writes for He is a freelance content contributor and likes to write about various spheres like Social Media, technology trends and his secret favorite – cars and automobiles. He is a keen observer and contributor for various auto forums and the online auto space.

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