Choosing a vehicle to rent

Renting a vehicle should be a straight forward process if you know what you are looking for. But what if you can’t decide on what’s the best vehicle to rent to suit your needs? Here, we’ve got an extensive list of things you need to consider when selecting a rental car. From hints on how to compare car hire companies to vehicles that will meet your requirements, we’ve got the tips you don’t want to miss:

Always compare prices and offerings
It’s so important that when you are choosing a rental car, you shop around. You want to make sure you are getting the best deal and with as many extras as possible. A great way to start looking for a car is to go online. A rental car comparison website must just be able to point you in the right direction, helping you to gather a number of quotes for what you want with a few clicks of your mouse.

What features do you want
Considering the features of the vehicle you will be hiring is especially important if you are renting it because you are on holiday in a different state. You want to make sure that the vehicle is suitable for the terrane you will be driving on. You need to think about things like if the tires may need chains where you will be going. Keep in mind the vehicles:

• Fuel efficiency.
• Comfort levels while driving.
• Entertainment options for kids in the back such as DVD players if you will be driving for lengthy periods of time.

How much space will you need

You need to carefully think about how much space you will need in the vehicle. If you will be carrying luggage and sporting equipment with you, keep this in mind. The last thing you want is to have everyone crammed in tightly for the entire holiday, uncomfortable because of the vehicle you rented. Always better to have too much space than not enough.

Added safety extras
If you have children riding with you, enquire about the suitable child restraints for their age. These are actually a legal requirement. You may even want to bring your own and install it in the rental car if you are unsure.

Check the car before driving away
Always make sure that you do a thorough check over of the car before you drive away. Make sure you know that everything is working correctly and check for any prior damages to the car.

Earn points
Many car rental companies offer frequent flyer points when you hire a vehicle through the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program, Virgin Velocity, Air New Zealand AirPoints and FlyBuys Points. Take advantage of these extra perks when you are renting your vehicle.

Whether you are looking at the different options for car hire melbourne has to offer or are deciding on what car will best suit your needs, I hope our list of tips on how to choose a rental vehicle has given you some hints that will help you decide on what car is best to rent for your transport requirements.

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