Classic Car Resource Guide

Restoring a classic car to original condition is not a project you will complete in a weekend! To restore, repair and maintain a classic car you need to get organized and ready to commit a lot of hard-earned sweat, frustration, and money to the project before your dream car becomes a reality. Begin by determining what type of car you wish to restore and then start asking questions. A restoration project involving a classic car will involve several stages. The more information you can acquire before you begin the fewer surprises you are likely to encounter that could bring your project to a standstill. Oh, there will still be more than enough delays and snags to have you wondering why you ever started but with enough prior research you should at least have a list of resources to fall back on for an answer.

Deciding what type of classic car you will restore should be determined by availability of parts, and the value the car will hold after your investment. Of course, it is possible to restore a vehicle simply for sentimental value. However, few individuals can afford to put a lot of money into a vehicle that they would lose money on if they did decide to sell it later. Once you have bought a car for your project, begin by taking pictures. Do not stop at the typical before shot that you see in a magazine layout. Take pictures of anything you will be stripping or removing to be replaced later. It may seem like an easy detail to remember when you remove some parts but do you trust yourself to remember details weeks or months later when the restored parts are ready to go back on? While you are taking pictures, also keep notes in a notebook, go ahead, and print out a handy resource of reference list that you will need for future reference. Having all this information in one notebook or folder you can put your hands on in a hurry can save hours of trying to remember the source you found for restoring leather or supplying vintage headlights.

While there is a lot of the restoration project, you can handle on your own with the proper research and resources you will need to find those parts or know where to turn for help or advice. The bigger stages of your restoration that you are likely to seek professional help with include paint, electronics, and engine repair. While this resource list is far from complete, it will provide you a good place to start tracking down those professions and parts you need to get started.

Professional Restoration Tips from Auto Media

This article provides tips to help you do a lot of the restoration on your classic car. Tips include paying attention to details, finding parts, and restoring car emblems.

Quarter Mile Muscle Inc.

These professional restoration experts are based in Mooresville, North Carolina and specialize in restoring classic cars, hot rods, sports cars, muscle cars, as well as vintage trucks and cars.

Classic Car Restoration for Dummies

This article on the Cars Direct site provides an inventory of those things you need to know when tackling a classic car restoration project.

AutoRestorer Magazine

This is an online monthly newsletter available by paid subscription at a reasonable price of $20 for twelve months. However, they frequently offer subscriptions at 70% savings making this a valuable resource for anyone interested in restoring classic cars. You can view a sample of the newsletter onsite. Once you subscribe you also have the option to purchase previous issues containing various restoration projects and information.

Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace

This site is a comprehensive resource for anyone restoring old cars. With numerous free articles on their site and an option to subscribe to their magazine, you can stay informed of shows, events, cars, and car parts for sale and find valuable information to solve your car restoration issues.

Fossil Cars

This is a classic and antique car collector site. You can list your car for sale or browse classic cars for sale. Their blog contains free restoration articles and tips as well as pictures and information concerning completed restoration projects. There are a number of resource links available throughout the site as well as forum discussions where you can ask questions and find solutions to any restoration project issue.

Klassic Car Rides LLC

This classic car restoration shop is located in Denver, North Carolina. Noted for their unusual fast lead and turnaround times, Klassic can usually get your car in within 30 to 60 days, and completely restored within nine months! They have photos of projects on their website and welcome calls to answer any questions concerning classic car restoration.

Inmates Have License to Tool Around

This Wall Street Journal article reports an unusual business of restoring classic cars and trucks in prison workshops. A video is embedded within this article.

Route 66 Motorsports

In addition to an impressive gallery of classic car restorations, Route 66 Motorsports offers full automotive restoration services. They also provide a resource links page for those seeking parts or services and discuss ongoing projects complete with in progress pictures in their blog.

British Car Restoration

Darby Classic Restoration specializes in restoring classic British cars to their original beauty. You can view photos of several projects on this site.

Car Restoration: Make that Vintage or Classic Car Shine

This article provides general information on car restoration. There are a number of recommended resource links on this page. These resources may be useful regarding your classic car restoration project.

Mark’s Garage

This site shares information, project photos, and classic car restoration tips. Readers are encouraged to send photos and stories of their restoration projects to Mark at his email address available on the site.

Do It Yourself Oil Change

Every car requires periodic maintenance other than filling it up with fuel, having it vacuumed and washed. Vehicles need oil changes several times a year, depending on how often it is driven.

Boomers Finally Can Afford the Car of Their (teenage) Dreams

According to this USA Today article, baby boomers are restoring the car of their dreams after raising a family and shipping the kids off to college. Some restore a car they had in high school while others restore a car the wish they could have had back then.

Classic Car & Truck Restoration

Part of the Old Ride website, here you can find a number of articles to assist in those restoration projects you and your friends have in progress.

GTO Car Restoration

This is a complete course teaching you how to restore your classic GTO successfully. This DVD set includes professional restoration secrets, tips, tricks, and specialized tools that will make your restoration tasks progress smoother. The course includes access to technical support giving you access to professional restoration experts available to help answer restoration issues you may encounter even after completing the course.

Restoring and Maintaining Your Classic Car’s Value

This article highlights the importance of attention to detail during the restoration process and then protecting your investment with proper maintenance and adequate insurance.

Classic Car Parts Key Terms

Understanding the terms used to describe the classic car parts you need for your restoration project will help you purchase the best value for your investment and assure you get the parts you expect.

32 Best Cars to Restore

This article offers insight into the best 32 cars to restore. Car restoration is a huge investment in blood, sweat, tears, and finances. Not all cars are worth that investment while for others it is nearly impossible to find the parts needed to restore them to original condition. If you are trying to decide on a restoration project, take time to read this article before buying just any fixer upper.

Four Reasons NOT to Restore a Vintage Car

Everyone can quickly name reasons why a restoration project sounds like a good idea. Have you considered there may also be good reasons not to start restoring that rust bucket in your garage? Read this article for four reasons why you might want to reconsider that restoration project.

Muscle Car Restorations

John Barlow puts his passion into restoring muscle cars and it shows. Several of the cars he has restored have broken sales records at auctions across the country. Photos and magazine articles are provided on his website.

Second Chance Garage Restoration Tips

Here you can find dozens of restoration tips that will help you save time, money, and frustration during your restoration projects.

Chevy Restoration Project

On this site, you can start from the beginning in watching this Chevy restoration project. Take note of the tips offered in this article as the Camaro restoration gets underway. The details are sure to aid you in your own projects.

Stronghurst Weather

This site provides information concerning weather and road conditions for Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

Maritime Museum Links and Resources

An extensive list of maritime museums, resource links, maps, and history. Also provides links to Flags of the World sharing information about international flag signals used on ships.

Teen Driving Resources

Here you will find an extensive resource list providing links for teens and parents concerning safe driving.

Youth Resources

This page contains a wide variety of links for young people concerning issues they may be dealing with in their lives. Topics include Career testing, College Board information, Drug and gang educational resources, and an annotated list of government websites.

Journalist Resources

For journalists, this page is an extensive resource list with links to Technology, organizations, ethics issues, maps, style guidelines, writing tips, and expert sources.

History of the Auto

The automobile has come a long way in its developmental history. It has gone from a simple steam powered vehicle to today’s high tech, computer aided auto.

Bicycling Benefits

This website encourages the use of a bicycle as an environmentally friendly means of transportation and provides information on bike safety and support.

The FORD ‘Y’&’C’ Model Register

This England-based Ford club promotes the small European Model Y Fords manufactured between 1932 and 1939. This page provides links to museums, clubs, and cars for sale.

Dad’s Corner

Part of the Healthy Start of Flagler & Volusia Counties Inc., this page provides resources for fathers involved in raising their children.

Mom’s Corner

This page is also a part of the Healthy Start of Flagler & Volusia Counties Inc. program, this page includes links to prenatal screening information for mothers to be.

Traffic Safety Links

Hosted by the Kansas Department of Transportation, this is an extensive list of links to traffic safety resources and websites.

American Laborers’ Resources

Laborers’ Local #1140 has published a resource list of helpful links for health and safety issues, research tools, retirement information, voter registration information, and worker’s compensation information.

Millbrae Historical Society Resource Links

This is a listing of resource links helpful to anyone interested in history of Millbrae, California.

Multiple Resource Links at Mountain Charlie 1850

The E Clampus Vitus organization is involved in humanitarian issues and actively supports public help programs while also supporting historical preservation. This page is a collection of resources on topics including numerous historical links.

Car & Driving Resources

This page includes links to car maintenance resources, car safety, weather issues, traffic laws, and safe driving. This is a recommended resource for teenagers and other new drivers.

History and Mystery of Submarines

This article on the War Crimes site provides a look at the history of submarines and how they work.

Drunk Driving Awareness and Prevention

This page offers an overview and reminder of the dangers of drunk driving. There is a resource list of related links at the end of the article.

A Driver’s Guide to Vehicle Emissions

This informative page explains the dangers and health risks associated with vehicle emissions and what can be done to decrease emissions in vehicles. Here you will find tips to reduce fuel emissions and save in fuel costs.