DRIVe Around The World in 80 Days

Volvo launches unique Facebook game.

Volvo Cars has released its first ever game on Facebook. Promoting its fuel-efficient C30 DRIVe, the game challenges people to virtually drive the car all the way around the world in 80 days using only their network of Facebook friends. Volvo will donate €15,000 to a project that fights global warming in the name of the team that drives around the world the most efficiently. Launched November 16 the game will run until February 4, 2010.

Six Degrees of Separation
Is your network of friends global enough to get you around the world in 80 days? Based on the concept of six degrees of separation, DRIVe Around The World challenges you to virtually drive your C30 to a Facebook friend who lives as close to 828 miles away as possible; that’s the distance the thrifty C30 DRIVe makes on just one tank of fuel. Then the car is passed on from friend to friend, moving from country to country, until it makes its way around the world back to you.

A Prize For Everyone
And for the winning team that drives around the world within 80 days and in the most efficient manner, Volvo will donate €15,000 in their name to an environmentally-friendly wind farm in Izmir, Turkey. Such an impressive donation is enough to offset the amount of carbon an average person creates in a lifetime. And, for everyone who plays DRIVe Around The World, Volvo will additionally offset 99 grams of CO2; so the more people play the game the better it is for everyone.

The Most Well Connected Person In The World

Launched on Facebook on November 16, 2009, DRIVe Around The World will be a unique social experiment. Can a team made up of friends-of-friends work together to win a prize that benefits the environment? And when the competition finally closes in February 4, 2010 Volvo will have found arguably the world’s most well-connected person in the winning team’s captain. The winning team will be announced early February.

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    2 Comments to "DRIVe Around The World in 80 Days"
    1. Wow! is it really, i am amazing, I think Volvo can beat any car marker. One more question i have i.e i am currently using Volvo 2007 S60, i want this feature, so what i will do, any guess.

    2. Local autos says:

      It’s about time Volvo caught up with the times! Social marketing is here to stay. A lot of the local auto dealers in my area are doing their own campaigns on FB.

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