Driving Tips That Will Help You Avoid Even More Trouble

Insurance is something that you pay for to protect you in the worst case situation. By that time the worst damage could already be done. Taking your own precautions as a driver, and understanding that you cannot predict what other drivers will do, is extremely important. You cannot rely on others obeying the rules and the laws. It is too late if you lose someone you love, and no amount of car insurance, will cure that. Some driving tips to help you now and not later.

Tail-gating. Are you one of those people who drives along the highway too close to others, and seems to think that you are not going to cause an accident? Can you predict if the car in front of you is going to suddenly stop. Why do we always see a number of cars involved in an accident on a highway? Because everyone was driving too close. You should at least use the 2 second rule, and why not a little more? If someone is tail-gating you, you might only see their car in the rear vision mirror and nothing else. This is also particularly dangerous. If you are subject to such and annoying and dangerous driver, you are better off slowing down, as they are already the impatient type, and letting them pass. Speeding up is not an option. Tail-gating is a major cause of accidents and is all too common on our roads. Avoid it at all cost.

Rage. If you are going to play music when you drive, it might not be a good idea to be listening to hard-core heavy metal or other music that will increase your motivation. WE are all affected by the sounds that we hear, and there is more likely the chance that you will become irritated if you are listen to sounds and music that have a high beat per minute. Safe driving is also about controlling your emotion. Note that all of your car insurance quotes did not have cover for road rage for a reason.

Tunnel Vision. After a long day at the office or hours in meetings, we are all driving home in a state of daze. You might want to make sure that you have had a little rest after staring into that laptop all day. Keeping your eyes moving when you are driving is extremely important. Tunnel vision is very dangerous. Moving your eyes from close to look far ahead (especially when going around corners) and checking your rear vision mirror will stop your eyes and mind from slipping into tunnel vision.

Mood. The old saying is, “Less haste, more speed”. The less that you rush, the faster you will get there. Controlling your mood and your mind can be very important. Is it really that things on the road went all your way today, or is it just that you think that it is so? It is more likely the latter is true. Keeping a good mood, and having a little patience, will not only have better effect on your car and definitely less fuel and brake consumption, you might actually get there are little faster. Time and perception are often related in ways that we don’t understand. A calmer approach is just plain safer. If you have just had a fight with your partner or work colleague, you might want to wait a little before driving.

Aids. If you have to drive long distances, or you just like to have something to keep you feeling good, little things can go a long way. Your favourite peppermint chewing gum might have a few sugars that keep you feeling good, and the taste might just be improving your mood.

Cool, calm and calculating – what you need when you drive.

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