GP3.10 GAS POWERED Video and 3D panorama

BMW Gas powered You already should know the fastest gas car in the world. The GP3.10 GAS POWERED is a concept car made by German tuner AC Schnitzer. Reading about fast cars is rather like flicking through gourmet food magazines. Just looking – often in too static a situation – is far from equally satisfactory for all the senses.

Thanks to AC Schnitzer, by visiting the website, fans can now set their pulses racing and experience the cars more directly with all their senses via an extensive multimedia service. A sophisticated 3D panorama simulation to reward the internet visitor with his heart’s desire in the interior of this concept vehicle. There is of course, an audio-visual of the world record-breaking run of the GP3.10 GAS POWERED in Nardo, the first liquid gas-powered car in the world to achieve 318.1 km/h. This video is high quality.

Panorama 3d rendering

If you want to see the youtube version please read the rest of the article.

YouTube Preview Image

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