Green Cars that we can afford

Today we go to a radical change in the auto industry. Electric cars become more common, as well as hybrid cars. Energy-efficient transportation technologies such as electric batteries are rapidly improving. Diesel cars are back and the technological advances make them far better than ever. The cutting edge technology and efficiency improvements make even the internal-combustion gasoline engine better than before. The increasing fuel economy standards imposed by the government, the environmental concerns and the rising gas prices make the demand for green cars strong.

Here are a few of the best eco friendly green car models made in 2010-2013: the Prius, the Chevrolet Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and the cheaper electric car, the Mitsubishi i. These green vehicles are more affordable if you buy them as a used model from a car broker. They are practical, energy-efficient, safe, reliable, money saving, eco-friendly, and fun-to-drive cars. We will present a few tech specifications for each of these models, to give you an idea what to expect in terms of options in green energy efficient vehicles. None of them was cheap upfront, but as used cars you can afford them without stretching your budget.


Chevrolet Volt
Chevrolet Volt is an American compact hatchback, extended-range electric car. As a new car the base price was close to 40 thousand dollars but now you can find it much cheaper at Australian car brokers. The annual fuel cost on gas only is $1,600 but when operating the car on electric only it goes down to only $650. The electric range of the car is 375 miles total via gas and electric propulsion, or 25 to 50 miles on electric engine only. The recharge time is 10 hours on 120 volts and 4 hours on 240 volts power supply.

The pros for this green car model are its gas enough range for most daily needs and the low cost for a fuel recharge, at an average of only $1.55. The car is also smooth to drive and comfortable. Chevrolet Volt is considered the electric car with the lowest total cost of ownership over five years.


Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius C is a subcompact hatchback gas-electric hybrid car. As a new model the base price is close to 20 thousand dollars but as a used car you can buy one for a much lower price tag. The annual fuel cost for a Toyota Prius is around $1,150.

Among the pros to this model is that Toyota Prius has the highest rated city mpg. The car is fun to drive and requires lower maintenance costs over time due to its electrically driven water pump and AC. On electric alone EV Mode Toyota Prius has the capability to drive up to 25 mph. Toyota Prius C is rated with 2 better highway mpg on highway and 12 better city mpg than Honda Insight. The onboard computer will tell you how much you save on gas comparing with your former car.


Nissan Leaf
This compact hatchback is an all electric car with a low annual fuel cost of only $600. Among the pros to this model is the fact you do not need gas anymore because its electric range can cover all your daily driving needs. The average cost for a full recharge of Nissan Leaf is $2.88. The maintenance costs versus a gas car in the same range can be $1,800 less over five years.


Mitsubishi i
Mitsubshi I is a compact hatchback electric car with an annual fuel cost of $550 and an electric range of 62 miles. The recharge time of the electric battery is 22.5 hours on 120 volts and 7 hours on 240 volts. You will never need gas with a Mitsubishi i electric car. The average cost to fully recharge its battery is just $1.92. Mitsubishi i was also the most affordable of the electric cars sold in the period 2010-2013 and you can find now a very cheap used one.

There is a increasing trend of purchasing eco friendly cars on the Australian car market. Car buyers are looking for green cars that can help them not only save the environment, but also make significant savings on the cost of fuel. However, many new green car models are still too expensive to buy on a budget. The smart solution is to look for green or eco friendly cars from few years back. There are many Australian car brokers and used car dealers that offer green used cars at affordable prices. You can start your search online, for more convenience and speed. The offer is various and plenty.

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