Honda Civic Type R Discontinued! – Euro V Incompatibility Issues

Way back in early 2007, a beast had entered the European market! The Honda Civic Type R could be called nothing less than a beast as it provided the performance that people enjoyed and had satisfied those bhp thirsty drivers. They say, everything that is good, comes to an end. Sadly, the sales of the Civic Type R will stop after the month of December.

The Honda Civic Type R’s high revving 2.0L engine that produces a whopping 201 bhp will be discontinued because it is unable to comply with the Euro V emission norms that will come into play early next year. Fortunately, the car is only not sold to those areas where Euro V emission standards are followed.

The Type R will continue to be produced at Hondas Swindon facility in the UK and will be exported to markets like South Africa and Australia. The Type R will also continue to be sold in Japan.

This hot Honda hatch was unveiled first at the 2006 Geneva Auto show and went on for sale early 2007. The Type R was critically acclaimed and was loved by car enthusiasts. It was the right size, stylish, sporty, had great interiors, provided great performance and what not.

Honda has arranged a get together for the Type R owners at the Silverstone race tracks on the 22nd of August. However, a more greener engine could have been developed for the Type R instead of just discontinuing it. That will be question in every one of those owners heads.

Honda has announced massive discounts to sell the Honda Civic Type R faster. With a discount of around 2,230 Euros, the Civic Type R seems to be an itch to throw your money and get one, but only if you dont want our pollution levels to go down.

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