How to choose a Class B motorhome

Class B motorhomes are a step up from your regular conversion van. These motorhomes are ideal if you want extra space without having the bulkiness of a Class A motorhome. As more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of used cars, people are turning to pre-owned Class B motorhomes. However, saving money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality or style. There are a wide range of Class B motorhomes to choose from—you just need to have an understanding of the right features in advance.

Before you start looking at used Class B motorhomes, you must first determine what exactly you will use the vehicle for. First, you must make sure that the driver’s seat is comfortable enough to use for long distances. You will likely have a front passenger with you, so it is important that this seat can recline.
The number of people you plan on having in the rest of the motorhome will dictate other features. For example, if you don’t plan on having any other passengers, then you can choose a motorhome with a convertible sofa bed. You can also choose one with removable seats.

Camping with a Class B motorhome will also help you determine which features to look for in a used RV. Frequent camping in designated campsites will warrant city water hookups. If you plan on frequently going long distances in the motorhome, then you should also consider a version that has a toilet, freshwater sink and stove.

Furthermore, if you are a traveling business professional, you can choose a motorhome that caters to your work needs. There are several versions with built-in desks as well as multiple hookups for computers and other electronics.

Make and Model
Just like cars are available in a variety of makes and models, Class B motorhomes also come in different sizes, ages and shapes. Most of these motorhomes are converted from full-size cargo vans, while others are based on the minivan. This size difference is crucial depending on how much room you want.
In the world of used cars, older models are less expensive than new ones. This is not necessarily the case with pre-owned Class B motorhomes because you are virtually paying for the features it has. In other words, you may find that an older version with a lot of features is more expensive than a new model with few features.

Choose a Quality Dealer
For the best selection in Class B motorhomes, speak with an RV specialist at Dave Arbogast today. There are a wide variety of Dave Arbogast Class B motorhomes available, whether you are looking for a brand-new or pre-owned version.

When you work with Dave Arbogast, you will not only see a great selection in Class B motorhomes, but all the dealership’s used vehicles are thoroughly tested and inspected. This ensures that you will get out on the road quickly and safely. All vehicles meet government standards to keep families safe as they enjoy their journeys across the country.

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