Improve your journeys with a car dehumidifier

икона за подаръкAre you fed up of having to peer through misted up windows? Does your vehicle suffer from moisture? If so, a car dehumidifier provides cost-effective solution to the problem.

An eco-friendly car dehumidifier is available for less than £13 and is capable of absorbing 60% of its weight in moisture. The product is made from Bentonite, a stone granulate mixture of clay minerals, and extracts humidity like a magnet.

Moisture can lead to misted up and iced-over windows, which can add costly minutes to your day, especially when you have somewhere important to get to. If it’s happening every day and causing you stress before work, you shouldn’t have to put up with it any longer.

Other problems attributed to moisture include rust, mildew, unpleasant odours and mould – all of which could be impacting on your driving experience and reducing the value of your vehicle.

An eco car dehumidifier simply needs drying out after three months, usually with an oven, microwave or a radiator; after which it can be used again. The product is also very discreet, meaning you don’t have to compromise the look and style of your vehicle.

And finally, if you own a caravan, boat or garage, you can tackle humidity issues using your car’s dehumidifier.

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