Mercedes-Benz’s website and Bluetec

Bluetec gets the maximum power out of every single drop of diesel and so consumes significantly less fuel while conserving natural resources and actively preventing air pollution. On Mercedes-Benz website you can interactively know more about bluetec and plant your very own flower, showing that you care about environment.


There you can find videos integrated into an interactive multimedia presentation explain the technology behind BLUETEC and how it is making a difference in Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Mercedes-Benz also has a blog about Bluetec Technology.

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    One Comment to "Mercedes-Benz’s website and Bluetec"
    1. It really is astounding to think how far Mercedes-Benz diesels have come in terms of performance delivery.

      They’ve always been solid on torque – but 0-60 times in the six second range for the latest E320 Bluetec?

      Serious impressive. Beats those long winded (or short?) days of ye olde 240D.

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