Promotional Calendar Ideas For Car Showrooms

Car and vehicle sales rooms are often among the toughest businesses to market. Many of the individuals and businesses that choose to buy cars, vans and other vehicles will make a decision at the time. For business owners, it isn’t enough to leave that to chance – you want to devise ways to market to your business and retail customers all year round. Promotional calendars are used extensively in the vehicle sales industry, in order to ensure a constant presence in the office or desk environment. But how can car salesrooms maximize this advantage to sell more vehicles, and in particular those with lower emissions?

The first step to making use of a custom wall calendar by HALO lies in the design. Car showrooms are in a unique position when it comes to promoting in this way, with ready-made opportunities for unique calendar images. Images will make your calendar more interesting, and increase its chances of being used in the office environment. Those selling vehicles can use pictures of a different car or vehicle type for each month of the year – thus making the calendar the ideal freebie for any car enthusiast.


The same could be said for pictures of lower emissions vehicles, or alternative fuel cars and vans. This not only satisfies the criteria of a pretty picture, but goes further to promote the availability of lower emissions vehicles. For any organization conscious of the environment, or looking to sell vehicles that are more environmentally sound, this type of technique is perhaps the easiest way to meet these objectives through a promotional calendar.

The design and quality of your promotional calendars is hugely important. Calendars that look and feel professional are more likely to get placed in high-visibility areas . This also requires you to be careful with your branding and presentation. However, provided the calendar is of sufficient value, a good distribution policy can help you complete the strategy for the best possible results.

Companies, executives and individuals that are existing customers of your business should be the first starting point. These are a great choice for distribution in the first instance, allowing you to solidify the brand impression you have created for them. It is generally considered easier to sell to your existing customers again than to find a new prospect, and a calendar-based marketing strategy can work well to continue a profitable sales relationship for your business.


For those targeting business customers, for both vehicle sales and leasing, promotional calendars can be highly effective as a tool for encouraging new business. Sent at the right time of year, a calendar can quickly become an essential part of your prospect’s office life, used to check dates and note down particular appointments and events. This can help reinforce your brand identity and message, while helping build the perception of your organization in a favorable way.

These types of promotional strategies are designed to increase sales. While there are commercial benefits for those selling vehicles in this way, there may also be environmental benefits where calendars help the proliferation of alternative energy vehicles.

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