Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

For a long period of time, the world has been using the internal combustion engine and as we know, this has caused air pollution and all other kinds of pollution through the unquenchable use of petrol and diesel in motor vehicles.

The pollution that the world is presently experiencing shows the urgency when it comes to looking for transportation alternatives with minimal or zero emissions. The only viable solution found so far is the electric car. There are two variants of the electric car; the hybrid (combustion engine plus electric motor) and the 100% electric car. There are pros and cons of electric cars and here’s a few of them, to help you when you come to buying your next car on Creditplus car finance.

The Pros/Advantages of Electric Cars

a) Minimizes the Dependence on Fossil Fuels – A clear advantage of electric cars is that you no longer become dependent on fossil fuels. With more electric cars on the road, fossil fuel consumption is minimized and this will be the start of a chain reaction.

b) Minimizes Greenhouse Gas – Electric cars do not emit any exhaust gas (the pure electric type, the hybrid emits a very small amount due to the small engine), and this will minimize the production of greenhouse gas that is harmful to the environment.

c) Measurable Fuel Savings – The cost per mile or cost per kilometre to operate and maintain an electric car is only about one-fourth of that of a conventional petrol or diesel car.

d) Power Grid is Not Overloaded – The car batteries do not consume a large amount of power when charging, so the power grid does not get overloaded. Car batteries can also be charged on off-peak hours.

e) Great Recycling Potential – Recycling is extremely important and with electric cars, most of the parts can be recycled and put to use in other machinery or equipment.

The Cons/Disadvantages of Electric Cars

a) Inconvenience in charging – Some electric cars have special outlets and cannot be charged with the home outlet. Those that can be charged with the home outlet need an adaptor to speed up the charging time. If you charge your battery without the adaptors it will take much longer, often up to three times the charging time.

b) More Expensive Initial Outlay – Electric cars are more expensive than conventional cars. But some countries will give subsidies in the form of a big discount off the retail price if you decide to buy an electric car.

c) Possible Power Plant Emission Increase – Since the electric car uses power for charging its batteries, some sectors believe that more electric cars on the road will increase the air pollution because the country will have to create more power plants to meet demands. The cheapest power plants are coal powered plants and this can make the air pollution much worse.

d) The Battery Technology is Far From Perfect – The lithium-ion battery that is the mainstay of electric cars is far from perfect. Although there have been improvements, there are still many things that are needed to make the battery safe and perfect for use.

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