Should You Buy Your Next Dump Truck New Or Used?

Dump trucks are essential in a number of industries, including aggregates, construction and waste disposal. Depending on the spec, these vehicles can range in price, from the affordable to the budget-busting. At a time when businesses and state departments are looking to tighten their spending commitments, these purchases are now being viewed through a more price-sensitive lens.

Buyers are now increasingly considering used dump trucks as a viable, lower cost alternative to buying new. But are the risks of buying used dump trucks for sale worth the savings? Can you ever be sure you’re buying a well-maintained vehicle unless you buy direct from a dealer?


Perhaps the biggest risk when buying a dump truck is that you pay too much for a vehicle that requires excessive maintenance. Older vehicles tend to have more mechanical problems, and the chances of any one component failing increase as a vehicle ages. For this reason, it is essential that you know as much about a dump truck as possible before making an offer. Older used trucks will need to account for this through a cheaper selling price. While this can save thousands on the purchase cost, buyers should always proceed with caution when buying a used dump truck.

Like buying a used car, there are merits to choosing a used dump truck, as opposed to a newer model. Used vehicles can represent the best mix between affordability and quality, allowing buyers to choose a better model without the full upfront costs. This means that you can effectively secure a more expensive dump truck than your budget would normally allow, for the price of taking it on second-hand. Even a well-used dump truck can add value. Provided you can find the type of dump truck you want available in the used market, it can be possible to find the truck you are looking for at the most favorable price.


The environmental implications are also worthy of note. Buying a new model is the most environmentally intensive option, given the manufacturing process and the carbon footprint associated with that. Instead, buyers who choose a used model are effectively recycling an older dump truck. However, the emissions levels of older vehicles may be less controlled, increasing the marginal environmental impact of use. By contrast, newer models may be more fuel efficient, and therefore more environmentally friendly going forward.

Before buying a dump truck in any condition, it is crucial that you read and understand the spec of what you are buying. It pays to know the strengths and limitations of any vehicle you intend to buy, and this can help you save money while ensuring you are buying the right type of vehicle for your needs. Unless you know whether a used dump truck will meet your needs, or you can find the exact model you want to buy, this information will help you make the judgment call as to the best type of dump truck for your organization.

Whether you are buying new or used, buying a dump truck is a big purchase. Don’t blow your budget – make sure you know what you are looking for, and don’t be afraid to search used truck markets to find it.

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