Some Car Noises You Should Not Ignore

If your car is making strange noises, it is often an indication you are in need of urgent car repair. Some noises could be indicators of a big problem just waiting to happen. You should not leave these issues unattended. With so many moving parts, odd noises are usually a sign of a dangerous situation and you should seek to fix, or get professional attention. It is just too dangerous to wait and see if it will fix itself – rarely the case. Here is a look at particular noises that mean urgent attention is required.

• Grinding, Squealing or Clicking From the Wheels. Any noise from your wheels should not be ignored. Most noises that come from your wheels will indicate you have bearing problems. This could even result in your wheel falling off. Very dangerous at any speed. Not to mention the damage a wheel flying out of control can cause. A clicking noise that is only heard when your front wheels are turning is an indication you have other joint issues. All noises coming from the wheels should be treated seriously.

• Squeaking When Braking. Sometimes your wheels will make a slight noise even when you are not breaking due to changes in temperature or humidity. Brake pads can change in size depending on the environmental conditions. Any noise that is consistent should be checked. A constant squealing noise every time you put on the brakes, usually indicates that your brake pads have worn out. This means you are squeezing steel onto the steel of your disk each time you stop. It will not take long for you to cause major damage to your disks. This can be very expensive to repair. When your brake pads are worn out you will not be able to stop as well as you should. Regular car service will normally prevent this kind of problem although harsh driving and hard braking can often cause brake pads to wear out before they should. Another very dangerous situation that needs attention immediately.

• Hissing Sound from the Engine. Hissing sounds emanating from underneath your hood are normally the result of your engine overheating. If left unchecked you could find yourself unable to start your engine, or even worse. An overheated engine can damage itself without warning and could result in total failure. You might just be low on coolant or you might have a leak in your engine cooling system. Always allow your engine to cool before removing the coolant cap. Add more coolant with the engine running to remove any air pockets in the system. Check beneath your car for leaks. Do not confuse leaks with the overflow of coolant from a hot engine. If you do have a leak, you need to get it fixed fast.

• Exhaust Roar. In the beginning it may sound that you have done some work on your engine. Exhaust that is making a louder noise than normal will soon deteriorate. This is an indicator of leaks in the exhaust system. The sounds could be coming from anywhere near the tail of your car to near your engine. Leaks near your engine can have disastrous consequences. A leaking exhaust could get you in hot water with the law and should always be fixed as soon as possible. Temporary solutions are available in the form of special tapes that harden with heat. These should only be used for a minimum amount of time until repairs are sought.

• Tapping Noise From the Engine. Your engine should not be making any strange noises and this is a big indication of many problems. Only a professional will know when listening and some investigation will be warranted. With so many fast-moving parts, and extremely high pressures, any small problem with your engine will result in major damage. Seek attention immediately.

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    1. Great article it is very important to get to know your automobile. Know how it smells and sound when in good health and you will be able tho detect mechanical problems quickly and easily. We suggest if you are buying a used car turn the radio off the first week of driving it and get to know how it acts smells, and sounds in good health then when something goes wrong you will quickly catch it before it turns to a major problem. And always watch those gauges.

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