The best way to insure a green car

Green cars are ‘all the rage’ in parts of the country. If you’re thinking about buying one or are already a proud owner, it’s important to consider the best ways to insure your green car.

Consumers already know that comparing motor insurance online will help save money straight away, but did you know that your policy could help you do your part for the environment, too?

There are a host of green-car insurance companies on the market right now and all offer schemes that claim to be environmentally friendly. But how do they work?

Carbon offsetting
These insurance providers simply offer ‘carbon offsetting’ schemes where they assess how much carbon dioxide your car will emit during the course of a year, taking into account factors such as the kind of fuel that you use, the engine size of your car and your annual mileage. Using the results, the provider will then purchase carbon credits from carbon offsetting projects around the world, so that the more your vehicle pollutes the environment, the more credits the insurance will purchase. The schemes vary and take a number of forms, from anything that could involve planting trees to recycling efforts. Some insurers will even offset 100% of your vehicle’s emissions, while others will take a percentage of the premium paid towards other schemes.

Getting covered for less
The best way to insure a green car is by reducing your perceived risk in the eyes of the insurer. The less likely you are to make a claim, the lower your motor insurance premium, regardless of whether you opt for a conventional policy or an environmentally friendly one.

Simply follow these tips:

Buy online: Taking your motor insurance shopping online will always reduce your environmental impact by limiting the amount of paper used and forgoing any fuel costs of driving into town. You’ll also find cheaper car insurance quotes due to the insurer’s reduced overheads online.

Mileage limit: Not only is this good for the environment, it’ll also reduce your car insurance premiums.

Enhanced security: Investing in more security accessories for your car will always help to lower your premiums, so whether you’ve installed an immobiliser or tracking device, or simply park your car in an overnight garage, all these will help to reduce your premiums.

Choose a suitable car: Although some insurers may charge more if you drive a hybrid or electric car, driving a conventional car with a small engine will help to reduce your premiums. Cars in general are usually placed into different categories of insurance groups ranging from 1–50 depending on the level of the engine’s performance, their security features and on how expensive their parts are to replace, so opting for a smaller car with less expensive parts will always help.

Annual payments: Paying for your cover annually rather than monthly can help you to avoid interest charges and eliminate paper statements.

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