The Future is Back To The Future: Delorean DMC-12 EV

This title isn’t as stupid or as ambiguous as it reads. I warn you though, the contents in this article are so exciting it could be detrimental to one’s health, so petrol heads with a heart condition, I’d just Google the next KIA release and give this a wide berth. Of course, you’ll be tempted now, won’t you? Well, be it on your head.
Remember the coolest car to ever hit the big screen? You know the one, the shiny one that could time travel. Well, it’s back from the past and into the future as a faster eco version scheduled to go into production in 2013.

Now, being a petrol head (yes, I’ve owned an Alfa), I initially thought this was an eco concept car, but looking further into it, I could hardly contain myself when I read the statistics and the fact it was going into production – you can buy one and drive it fast, powered by a FLUX Power system (yes, it’s called FLUX). I’ll always prefer the petrol engine, but this Delorean can hit 60mph in 4.9 secs and top 125mph. Not exactly supercar fast, but it could certainly hold its own on the roads. Considering the original took 8.8 secs to hit 60mph with just 150HP, technology really has shifted the DMC-12 into the future.

The performance comes from a 400-volt liquid-cooled electric motor, pulsing out a respectable 260HP. The batteries are made by a company called Flux Power and weigh a hefty 750lbs. A single full charge will offer 100 miles of driving, and to fully recharge takes just 4 hours. With a lifetime of 7 seven years, the battery is expected to last 100,000 miles.

Aesthetically, not much has changed from Marty McFly’s machine, as 80% of the original’s parts have been used. The big change is the rear engine compartment, which has been modified to house the battery bay – all tucked in nicely with wires and fluorescent lighting, it really does look like it possesses time travel capabilities.

The DeLorean DMC-12 EV’s interior has obviously been updated to accommodate modern technology, such as an iPhone dock. The cockpit looks fantastic, nothing plastic or modern enough to detract from the original. It’s a sturdy, clean and well-designed layout that compliments the classic exterior.

If you want one like me, which I’m sure you do, it’ll set you back between $90 – $100,000, not bad considering it’s a faster and identical looking version of the legendary orginial. Not to mention it’s eco-friendly and uses no petrol – surely this alone is enough to justify buying one? If this out of your price range, there are other brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, and Japanese manufactures Honda, Subaru and Nissan offering eco hybrid models.

If I’m lucky enough to get my hands on one, the first thing I’ll do is hit 88mph in my local supermarket car park, and look in the rear view mirror for those FLUX powered lines of fire scorching the tarmac behind me as I hit the kerb and smash through the windows of McDonalds.

The future’s fast… the future’s shiny.

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