The Green Car Technology of the Future is Almost Here

Green cars of today have hybrid engines and plug in outlets. But what could the green car of tomorrow have? Beginning in 2020, most cars will have to have a fuel economy of better than 50 miles per gallon, a far stretch from what’s currently offered. Thankfully, there are some interesting technologies and concepts that will allow the automakers to reach those insane miles per gallon numbers quicker than you might think. If you’re interested as to what the future of green automotive technology might hold, check out this article to see the cool potential technologies that could be powering your car in the next few years.

Air Powered Cars

Running a car completely on air sounds like something from the year 3000. The weird thing though, is it is actually possible and may soon be a choice for drivers looking for an alternative to fuel. Air powered cars will run on compressed air, and current prototypes can go about 70 miles per hour and up to 125 miles without requiring a refill of the compressed air. But unlike an electric car that takes hours to recharge the battery, the air powered car can be recharged in a matter of minutes thanks to high powered pumps. There are even conceptual pumps that could fit in the car, so you could refill the compressor as you drive. Ford has worked with UCLA in developing an air powered hybrid vehicle, meaning the big automakers have some big plans for air powered cars in the future. It will be interesting to follow the air powered car trend, to see if it actually takes off and becomes a popular choice for drivers.

Hydrogen Cars

Big automakers have long been looking into the idea of creating hydrogen run cars, and it’s looking like the hydrogen vehicle could be an important next step in developing the future of green cars. Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota all have confirmed that they plan to sell hydrogen vehicles by 2015. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but hydrogen vehicles no doubt are in the future of the automobile. California is developing a number of hydrogen fueling stations in anticipation of the widespread rollout of hydrogen vehicles, and other states are beginning to follow suit. Since the technology is so new, the price on these hydrogen vehicles once released to the public will be much higher than gas powered cars. But as the technology becomes more common, the price will go down, and these cars will become more affordable. Hydrogen vehicles will no doubt be important in the future of green car technology.

Natural Gas

There is an abundance of natural gas in the world, and using it to power cars is a great alternative when compared to less clean fossil fuels. It’s actually being used more and more by larger trucks and vans, and in the future it will become more prevalent on consumer cars. No doubt cars at dealerships like new car dealership CT will start adopting this kind of gas while abandoning petroleum. While natural gas is still a fossil fuel, it’s much cleaner than what is widely used today, and there’s a whole lot more of it than plain old oil.

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