The Top Rated Eco Friendly Cars in 2013

In the present scenario of growing environmental consciousness, people are inclining more towards eco-friendly cars that are not detrimental to the environment. These cars use biodiesel, ethanol or compressed natural gas as fuels. There are also Hybrid cars that are partly dependent on battery and partly on natural fuels, and are most popular in the market. In the United States, these cars are gaining more popularity and have been successful in reducing the greenhouses gases and pollution to a large extent.

Among the various green vehicles that have come up in 2013, some best are cited below. If you have no prior experience in buying such a car, then you can drop in at the Honda World Downey for the best possible deals. The top rated eco friendly cars in 2013 are the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid.

The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been rated as number one among the twenty midsized cars of the year. This offers certain outstanding features and properties that account for its popularity, such as: excellent fuel economy, powerful performance, great scores in terms of reliability and safety.

This car is powered by an engine of four cylinders and also an electric motor, both of which together produce a horsepower of 188. A continuously variable transmission is also enabled in the Ford Fusion Hybrid. What appeals to the users the most is the silent nature of the hybrid powertrain, even when the gas engine is running. The users are divided in their opinion regarding the car’s handling; while some say that the steering is light, others say that it is precise.

The cabin of the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid has got high ratings because of its highly comfortable seats, roomy and spacious cabin, and a versatile trunk. The interior design is of high quality and is much liked by the people. The price of this car ranges from $26,743 to $31,414.

The 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid is equally popular in the market. Along with excellent fuel economy, great looks and outstanding driving characteristics, this car stands a hit in the market of green vehicles. It has an engine of 150 horsepower and its electric drive system helps immensely in maintaining the fuel economy, especially when driving in the cities.

When the battery of Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid is sufficiently charged, it starts quietly. Also, this car has outstanding sound system and audio quality with a 400 watt nine speaker system. It also has many additional features like high definition radio, satellite radio, USB drive, iPod integration and Bluetooth streaming. Certain pros and cons of this car can be summed up as followed:

• Smooth and un-hybrid like experience while driving.
• It is fun to drive, great handling and outstanding ride.
• Roomy and spacious interior.

• The brakes are unpredictable.
• It requires premium and high quality fuel.
• On higher trim levels, the prices are high.

This model is the best selling of Volkswagen’s Jetta series and faces tough competition from Toyota Prius and Ford C-Max Hybrid. The price ranges from $25,790 to $31,975.

Authot: Neil Hilden contributed this guest post on behalf of He is a freelance automotive writer. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on auto and driving blogs.

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