Things to consider when buying an electric car

In recent years, there has been a huge drive to promote electric vehicles and the manufacturers are certainly starting to enjoy some major breakthroughs in this market. If you’re looking to purchase one yourself, there are a number of factors to consider.


One of the major improvements in electric-car design concerns the range of the batteries in each model. Early vehicles would barely get you to the shops and back but new models can achieve distances of up to 100 miles or more before they need charging once again.

The number of charging stations across the country has been a little slower to catch up but even as they become more readily available and those battery ranges increase, you are going to have to invest in home-charging equipment.

This should be kept in mind when it comes to the overall cost of the car. It is vital that you have space on your property to charge the vehicle. If you have access to a garage with electrical points and a power supply then this will pose no problem but those living in flats will need to consider charging arrangements before making an all-electric purchase.

You should also be aware that the charging unit required depends on the model of your electric vehicle and some will need to be installed by a qualified electrician. You should always check this with the manufacturer first.

Battery life is another important consideration and this is an area where electric-car production has improved considerably over the years. The range varies greatly depending on the make of your vehicle, however and while some may carry a warranty for up to ten years, the life of other units is much shorter.

All of this information can be easily checked online and if you want to verify the manufacturers’ claims look for some independent reviews of the car and the battery in question.

Financial Considerations

It’s true to say that a brand-new electric car will cost you more to buy that a comparable vehicle that runs on traditional fuel. This is going to be the main issue for most purchasers but as time passes the gap is expected to narrow. There is also currently a growing market in second-hand electric cars.

However, there are several financial advantages once you have made that initial purchase and the savings involved can be quite considerable.

Road tax is lower and in some cases vehicles are exempt, while any congestions charge is also usually waived. In addition, insurance can be much cheaper for electric vehicles. You can click here for car insurance rates.

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