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Three Great Ways to look after your finances and the Ozone

художници на икониThree Great Ways to look after you finances and the Ozone

There was a time when fuel cost barely anything and it was easy to afford a trip to see the family. However, as the price increases, there are more looks into how to lower the amount that you are spending. The good news is that this will also help to protect the environment. The idea is to cut down on the amount of emissions that you are letting off.

Give Your Car a Regular Service

Yes, you want to save money but the best way that you can do that is by spending some. This may not make a lot of sense at first but it will in the long run. By investing in a regular service on your car – usually available with an MOT – you will be able to make sure that your car is in top shape. By doing this, you will make sure that less fuel is used, less emissions are let off and so the environment and your bank balance are protected.

Stop Driving Around

The worst thing that you can do is drive around when you are lost. You may think that driving around in circles will help you spot signposts to help you but you will waste time, fuel and money – and you are putting a lot of emissions into the air.

Before you set off, check and double check the directions. This will give you a chance find out road names and the numbers to get a picture in your head. Always have a map in your car and never be afraid to stop to ask for directions. Remember that online maps can be wrong so have a paper based map in your car as well as the GPS on your phone or a Sat Nav.

Opt for Walking or Taking Public Transport

So, you may end up saving some time by taking a drive to the shop down the road, but think about the damage that you are doing to the environment. You let emissions off at all times and burning fuel for no reason. Take a walk down to the shops – you will benefit from the fresh air.

Instead of driving to work, find a local bus route or look out for any trains. This will help you to cut down on the cost of fuel and will also help to cut down on the damage to the ozone. After all, the public transport will travel anyway, so you may as well use it instead of adding more emissions.

These are just a few ways of cutting down on the amount of emissions being let off into the air and the amount of fuel that you are using. This will naturally help you to cut down on the money that you spend and will also help with decrease the damage that you do to the ozone. If you do have the money and really want to invest in something, consider opting for hybrid cars, which also let fewer emissions into the air.

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