Tips for Saving Fuel with a Dual Cab or Ute (Pick-up)

Many people who live in regional areas have good reason to have a dual-cab, ute (pick-up) or tray top vehicle. Those working in the trade industry will be using them too. With modern car insurance, you can save a lot of money, but there are also modern accessories and changes you can make to the way you use your vehicle, that can save you a lot of money. Here is a look at the best of them.

• Fuel type. Hi-octane fuel is good for your engine and good for your fuel economy. Don’t be fooled by the price at the pump. Because the fuel burns better, you will get more out of the fuel that you use. You will not have to press as hard on the accelerator as you did before. You can get other solutions to add to your fuel tank, such as fuel line cleaner, and octane-boosting liquids. You cannot really have too high octane, but you should be sensible about it.

• Cover up the tray. An open rear end of your ute (pick-up) or dual cab creates a huge amount of wind-resistance. This will mean a huge amount of drag on your car. Covering it up with a cover will fix this problem, and you will see a radical difference in the amount of fuel your vehicle uses.

• Don’t carry what you don’t need. We can all slip into the habit of leaving tools and the like in our car because we use them regularly. If you are not using them that day, you should be taking them out of your vehicle. An extra 50 kilos can mean a whole lot more petrol use. Change your habits and spend that few minutes to load, and unload, your vehicle.

• Tires. With a work vehicle, or one that is used to carry loads, checking your tires more often than you would in a sedan, is extremely important. Your tires are under greater pressure, and you might find they can get low on pressure inside a day.

• Don’t fill over ¾. Over filling a car is a big mistake. Much of that fuel will be wasted. If you fill a car to just over ¾ you will notice that you will get only slightly fewer kilometres than filling it to full. Make sure you always have your fuel cap on extremely tight. Evaporation is another cause of bad fuel economy. Fuel evaporates much easier and faster than water because it is a lighter liquid.

• Convert to Gas. Gas conversions are a real option for someone who does many miles. The investment cost will be earned back relatively fast. You will have the extra value of having that addition in your vehicle when you come to selling it. Remember, all of us looking for a car that uses less fuel.

• Use a new Petrol Station. Newer petrol stations have newer tanks. This means the fuel stored in those tanks will be cleaner and therefore, better. You will notice the difference.

As with every area of your car use, you should be frugal. Like you check with several insurers to get the best car insurance quotes, check with the petrol stations and know when to get the fuel at the best prices.

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