Top 10 Greenest Cars you can Drive Today

When you’re buying or leasing a new car, you could do a lot worse than consider a green car – with low CO2 emissions, they often mean not only to a better deal for the environment, but also to extra pounds in your pocket.

Check out our list of ten great green cars below, and let us know if there’s a green car you love that we’ve missed out!

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius is often the first car people think of when they think green cars. The Prius is the original hybrid, and hasn’t done too badly off celebrity backing either, with many A-listers loving its environmental credentials. At 134mpg and a cost of just £537 to drive 12,000 miles, you can see why its popular.

Volvo V60
Many people think Volvo and automatically think of the always-on lights designed for dark days and darker nights in Scandinavia. But the Volvo V60 should change that view – the world’s first diesel plug-in hybrid emits just
49 grams of CO2 every kilometre, and it looks good to boot.

Kia Rio
Kia might not be a brand to excite, but the Kia Rio is a reliable, good looking car that doesn’t cost the earth. Often compared to the Ford Fiesta, the Kia Rio is attractive and spacious car. Everything about the Rio is eco – from the 85g/km emissions to the eco tyres as standard.

Smart Fortwo
It’s unsurprising to find a Smart car on a list of eco vehicles. The two-seater city motor looks modern, does 85.6 miles to the gallon and, of course, fits in the tightest parking spaces.

Citroen C3
Ah, the car I learnt to drive in. The Citroen C3 does a fantastic 83.1mpg thanks in part to taking diesel, but the car has been designed to protect the environment while not looking weak in any way. Smartly designed, this is car to be proud of.

Peugeot 208
Another car that performs well, giving just over 83 miles to the gallon.
While its CO2 emissions are slightly higher than other cars on this list at
87 g/km, this 208 is slick looking, and on release was greeted with huge applause as being a prime example of how a small car should be built.

Fiat 500
The Fiat 500 is another car that is known for its eco-status, which you might think is down to poor performance. Wrong. The Fiat 500 is designed for modern city driving, and it does it well. It’s nippy, comfortable and attractive, and does 70mpg.

Honda Insight
The Honda Insight might look a bit ‘marmite’, but what it makes up for in dodgy looks it more than makes up for in environmentally friendly features. With automatic transmission, the Insight does just under 70 miles to the gallon and will cost you just over £1k to drive 12,000 miles.

Audi A1
An Audi… on a list of green cars? You’ve got to be kidding? Nope. The A1 is everything an Audi should be without destroying the environment around it.
This diesel has an engine capacity of 1598 and does an impressive 75 miles per gallon. All with the same smooth looks and spacious interior that you’d expect from the German powerhouse. Unfortunately, keeping and repairing an Audi, isn’t that cheap. Unlike some Korean or Japanese models, Audi, just like the majority of European cars, comes with a standard 3-year factory warranty and you might need to look at extended warranty like this one:

BMW 1 Series
If you were surprised to see an Audi on this list, you’ll be even more surprised to see a BMW. But perhaps the 1 Series is a sign that the world is changing – if BMW cares about the environment, then so will everyone else.
The 1 Series is the same smooth drive you expect from any BMW, yet costs under a £1000 to drive 12,000 miles at 74.3 mpg. The future is here.

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