Top 3 green car for 2013 which have swiped the US market

Cars, like many other products today make use of energy efficiently. There are also several cars in the market that use other natural forms of energy. The sale of automotives contributes significantly to any economy. The engines of these automotives contribute a lot to pollution in the air. Approximately, fifteen million Cars and light motor vehicles are expected to be sold in the US market coming year. Still most of them are being powered by Gasoline.

The reason because of which people become interested in green cars is the environmental benefits they have. The price of gas has risen to an all time high of four dollars in the past 2 years. Even up till recently, the rate of one gallon of gasoline was still more than 3.50 dollars throughout the nation. In spite of the number of improvements which have been made in the efficiency, the cars running on gas mostly give not more than twenty five or thirty MPG. Huge pickups as well as the 8 cylinder vehicles get even worse than that. All the latest cars with an electric engine get approximately hundred MOG.

A lot of versions of green car have been launched so far. The Prius from Toyota which is the most powerful as well as a successful hybrid of the gas electric was launched in the year 1997. This was one of the earliest versions of the line of cars which eventually pushed the all time Hybrid sales of Toyota to more than five millions. The launch of hybrids was done as a step towards elimination of the cars which run only on the Fossil fuels. The latest Prius gives fifty MPG.

The huge breakthrough in the mileage was brought through the engines which ran on electricity as well as plug ins.
The research agency Kelly Blu book has released a list of the top green cars. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Lincoln’s MKZ
Lincoln’s MKZ which is a luxury segment car has been priced at thirty five thousand dollars which is more than both hybrid as well as non hybrid models. Kelly describes this car as the car with the ultra modern cut edge technology with a system of touch Infotainment as well as a keyless entry.

Toyota’s Avalon hybrid
Toyota’s Avalon hybrid has been priced above four thousand five hundred dollars which is much greater than any non hybrid model; much of the money can be recovered through the savings done on gas. According to Kelly, more than five thousand dollars can be saved by a typical driver.

Honda’s FIT EV
Honda’s FIT EV was launched for entry in the eclectic automotive market in the year 2012. Initially it was available on the western coast of the US only. But soon it started to be seen on the eastern coast as well. This car is the best option for drivers who are environment friendly and do not want to leave behind smoke and other emission gasses that pollute the air. The EPA has rated this compact yet powerful car with an all time high of a whooping 118 MPG that combines City as well as Highway use. A driver can drive up to 85 miles before plugging in the car for a charge again and this costs only five hundred dollars per year to a regular driver. The suggested price by the manufacturer for the Fit is thirty seven thousand four hundred and fifteen dollars but if we look at the website of Honda, it shows that the model is also available on lease. You can also refer Airport Marina Honda for more details on the above mentioned cars.

Author: Neil Hilden contributed this guest post on behalf of He is a freelance automotive writer. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on auto and driving blogs.

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