Trade Unique Cars: A Market for Aussie Muscle

I have been been a die hard classic car enthusiast ever since I was a teenager. Back in those days, I would read classified magazines such as ‘Unique Cars’ and ‘Auto Trader’ and dream about the sort of car I would buy when I had the cash to buy a real classic.

Well, these days I do have the cash, but I don’t have enough time to sort through all of the classic car dealers that are listed in the monthly issues. And those books are thick, by the way, it takes a long time to leaf through them and find the car you want for your next classic car project.

Well, being time poor, I naturally went to the internet to find a solution. It was there that I found, a website dedicated to making it easy to search for cars according to: price, body type, year model, location, etc. Well, it just happened that I was after an Aussie made sedan to buy in the Sydney area, I was prepared to spend $20, 000 (I already have a daily driver, this was a personal project), and I ended up buying an FJ Holden from a guy that had started restoring it, but wasn’t quite ready to commit to it fully.

This was perfect for me, because he had already done most of the hard stuff, and I really got to get into the fun stuff like adding a second carburetor, just like the hot rodders back in the old days, and painting it jet black with polished chrome.

I would have to say, if you’re looking for some of the best classic car sales to be found in Australia, you’d have to head to this site. It took me a minimum of time; I only spent a few hours each weekend looking at cars before I found the perfect one, it doesn’t cost anything for the buyer to use the service, and from what I heard from the guy I bought the car from it didn’t cost him much to list his car, so it’s great for sellers too.

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