Tyresure Tyre Vitals. The best use for an iPhone 5 yet?

There are literally tens of thousands of iPhone apps available on the market, but the latest product from Tyresure, the UK’s leading exponent of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) must contain one of the most useful. The latest development from the serial innovators is a simple-to-fit TPMS system that can display all salient tyre health information using either an iPhone or iPad as the display screen – the first of its type in the world!

TPMS is becoming EU law on all new cars from November 2012 – and not without good reason. Not only do correctly inflated tyres last longer and give much better gas mileage, they also run significantly less risk of failure, or blowout. The greatest cause of tyre-related accidents and fatalities is incorrect inflation, so it’s not being over dramatic to say that this product could very well save lives as well as money.

Fitting the new system is simplicity itself. Four sensors are mounted onto the car’s wheels in place of the existing valves. This can be done either when tyres are being replaced or upgraded, or as a simple service job. Powered by ultra-long-life Li-Ion batteries, the sensors will last several years, sending a continuous short-range signal to the cabin. This is received by a stylish ‘Plug-and-Play’ Bluetooth unit, which simply plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter and relays the signal to any compatible Apple device.

After downloading the free App from the App Store, the user can then see all tyre temperature and pressure information in a smart and easy to read display. This can be accessed easily and quickly whenever the Apple device is within Bluetooth signal range of the car, meaning tyres can be checked from several feet away, without the need to unscrew a single valve cap!

Inputting your car details into the app will also give you the required pressure information, pre-setting each sensor’s parameters to be able to instantly notify in the case of over/under inflation or temperature breach. The display itself can also be personalised with a choice of 8 different cars and backgrounds to choose from. Even at a glance, tyre health can be ascertained, with tyres within set parameters showing green and tyres requiring attention glowing red.

The system also includes a failsafe for those ‘real world’ occasions when you may have forgotten or lost your phone, or indeed, your charger. Even without a device to display through, the Bluetooth unit itself also acts as a tyre health indicator. If all tyres are in tip-top condition, its clear prismatic screen displays green, but should any problems occur, the units flashes orange with an easily audible alarm.

An essential for gadget lovers, professional drivers – or anyone who places a priority on safety and economy, the new Tyresure ‘Tyre Vitals’ kit retails at just £199.00 including VAT. Don’t travel without it!

For more details please click to www.tyresure.com

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