What Is the Electric Car?

Film Answers that Question the Day Before Cars Arrive in Showrooms

The day before 100% Electric cars start arriving in showrooms, a new documentary “What is the Electric Car?” will have its Hollywood premiere to answer the many questions millions have about electric cars. This timely feature film contains insightful interviews with key manufacturers, vendors, drivers & pioneers in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry predicted to explode over the next 12 months and create thousands of jobs as new cars like the Chevy VOLT, Nissan Leaf start arriving in showrooms this week joining the dozen other EV offerings now available or taking reservations for 2011 deliveries. Viewers will likely consider these new EVs (which plug into a 110 outlet & don’t use a drop of gasoline or oil), before purchasing their next car. Warren Buffet has quoted: “All cars will be electric in 20 years”.

The Hollywood premiere of the film will be held at the historic Lloyd E.
Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian on December 14th. “Thanks to our friends at the North American Int’l. Auto Show and many auto sponsors (including Nissan, Chevrolet, and ZAP), we have over ten (10) different electric vehicles on display which many of our guests attending the premiere will get to see for the very first time.” remarks Producer Cam MacGregor. Many celebrities have also contributed to this “green themed”, enlightening film including Jay Leno (who let producers in his garage to film him driving his 1908 Baker Electric), Ed Begley, Jr. (filmed at the ‘Go Green Expo’), and “Baywatch” star and EV activist Alexandra Paul who hosted a behind the scenes chapter for the DVD. Renowned Artist Romero Britto (www.Britto.com) spent the last 2 months painting the world’s 1st BRITTO TM electric car (a Tango T-600 Commuter Car), and Chábeli Iglesias just signed on to host the film’s Spanish language version of the film which will be available for Latin American and Spanish speaking markets early next year.

Nemours Marketing President Scott duPont (also the Host & Producer of the film) developed a unique marketing strategy, which Robin Rowe (President of MovieEditor.com) found brilliant. In addition to soon releasing the film through traditional DVD, TV, and V.O.D. outlets, duPont’s company has partnered with EV companies and individual car dealers like Santa Monica Nissan to sponsor these screenings (eliminating the enormous P & A marketing budget to screen in theaters). Nemours saves $10,000 – $25,000 of traditional marketing expenses for each screening, while the car dealers invite hundreds of potential customers to see what Bruce Gast (President, ElectricCars.com) calls a “75 minute infomercial for electric cars”.

Premiere attendees on December 14th will be treated to a cavalcade of all-electric cars dropping guests off at the “green” carpet in addition to the impressive display of EVs in the Egyptian courtyard with many of the electric cars “starring” in the film including the rare appearance of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize top prize winner, the E-Tracer. After the screening, the audience will be treated to a Q & A and a FREE electric car giveaway to one of the film’s lucky FaceBook friends.

The film has already screened in several cities including the Colony Theater in Miami Beach where the BrittoTM Tango was unveiled on stage as the end credits rolled. Producers are in the planning stages of at least a dozen other cities including Santa Rosa & San Francisco before taking the film back east to New York and then on to Barcelona, Spain. Producer Cam MacGregor predicted there would be a need for this film a year ago, but with the film’s unveiling the night before electric cars start arriving in showrooms, he predicts: “It will be like Christmas Eve. Millions of people are going to want to look under the tree!”

The film was shot on locations around Michigan, California, Florida, including Jay Leno’s Garage, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Int’l.

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