What You Need to Know when Purchasing a Green Car

At the very beginning, two things have to be said:

1. Pollution is a very big issue and it is high time people started thinking about “going green”, or in other words, we should strive to keep Mother Nature safe and sound – she cannot do it on her own.
2. Gas prices are high and there is no indication whatsoever that they will drop at any point.


These two reasons are enough to get you thinking about getting a green car. If you continue reading this article you will come across some useful info that will aid you in the process of getting a new, well-functioning green car.
Now, for those of you who are totally uninformed about the subject, there are 3 types of green cars:

A Hybrid (gas-electric)
These cars have a standard gas-powered motor that “collaborates” with an electric motor which is connected to a battery. The latter one is used to make it easier for the former one, thus minimizing the consumption of fuel. This type of car can further be subcategorized into cars that cannot run on electricity alone (for a significant period of time), where the gas motor is primary and cars that can run on electric energy alone until the power runs out, and then it switches to gas – keep in mind that when this happens the gas motor is still collaborating with the electric motor.

When purchasing this type of car you have to be aware of a few things. It will be expensive – definitely more expensive than regular cars, but you will have excellent warranty solutions no matter which type you go for.

Diesel-Powered Cars
These cars most definitely cost less. Now, when it comes to thinking green, yes, diesel was known to be bad for the environment, but, thanks to strict rules, laws and regulations, cars that are manufactured nowadays have to be environment-friendly, so to say. The fact of the matter is that that a car that runs on diesel is certainly more fuel-efficient than gas-powered vehicles. Finally, this kind of car is for all those people that simply love to drive – they have “the kick”.

An Electric Car
When talking about electric cars, the first thing that has to be said is that, no matter how much they are advertised, still just about 1% of all the purchased vehicles are from this category. There are logical reasons for that. First, since their battery time is limited, you cannot plan long trips. There are some places along the road where you can recharge, but you have to wait in line. These are the “greenest” cars out there, but the time is still not right. It would be a good thing if, in the future, they are the norm.

Before purchasing used car you should pick one that suits you the most and browse car distributors in your area or over Internet. You can find good cars from big distributors of cheap cars in Brisbane, AU or in Teddington, Middlesex, UK.

Finally, it is a great thing that you are interested in this topic and you should continue on browsing the net for other sources of information. So, to conclude, drive safe and drive green and don’t forget to watch the road.

hoto credit: Mr. T in DC via photopin cc

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