When Your Car Needs a Premium Service

For all car service, vehicle owners can now enjoy the convenience of a mobile mechanical service. Simply make a quick call or internet order and have an expert mechanic come right to your door. Regular and thorough car services are essential to your own safety and to ensure the long life and smooth running of your car but it can be a hassle to lose the use of your car for a day. An on-site mobile service saves you time, taxi fees and towing fees. It’s easy, fast, hassle-free and cost-effective!

Skilled mechanics are available to service your vehicle six days per week, usually the same day or next day after booking, and arrive at your home or business premises in a van fully equipped with the complete range of tools and equipment needed to do a full service on your car and make almost any necessary repair on site using only high quality parts.

You can have car service at home or drive to work, have the service done on-site during the day at a time that is convenient to you and drive home at the end of the day knowing your car has been well attended to and is in peak condition. If you wish, you are welcome to be there to observe the whole process and see for yourself what work is being done on your car – there’s no being ushered out of the workshop.

It is recommended that all new vehicles have a Safety Service after 12 months on the road or when the vehicle has done 15,000 kilometres. The Safety Service should be backed by a 12 month/20,000 kilometre nationwide warranty and include replacement of engine oil, replacement of oil filter, an under bonnet check, top up of fluids, inspection of all belts and hoses, a battery test, safety inspection, brakes and hand brake adjustment, a charging system check and cooling system check.

Thereafter, it’s recommended your vehicle undergo a Major Service at 24 months or 30,000 kilometres, a Premium Service at 36 months or 45,000 kilometres and an Ultimate Service at 60 months or 75,000 kilometres.

If your car is due for a Major Service, it should include all the items covered in a Safety Service plus a check of the engine management system, a diagnostic scan and fault code analysis, non-platinum spark plugs, replacement of air filter and replacement of external fuel filter.

If your vehicle is ready for a Premium Service, this should include all items covered in a Major Service plus replacement of brake fluid and coolant.

Make sure you receive a written estimate before any work commences on your vehicle and check that there is no charge for travel time, only labour time. Also check that your mechanic is fully trained to high quality standards and to provide impeccable customer service.

Mobile mechanical services solve the traditional problems of making time for regular car service and repair, so there is no longer any reason to delay regular car services and face possible mechanical problems down the track as a result. So when next you need car service Sydney or car service Melbourne, discover how easy, pleasant and cost-effective it is to have a helpful, thorough and expert mechanic come to you. Both you and your car will appreciate the difference.

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