Win a Ford Focus with AXA

Any of you car drivers would like to witness such a scenario become reality. You enter your garage, and the following site appears in front of your eyes: a Ford. The vehicle is new; its shape is elegant. You open the car door and take your place in the driver’s seat. Then you take the vehicle for a drive. The car is fast and comfortable; moreover, it became yours for free. This alone can bring a smile to your face. Nevertheless, reality reminds everybody that few things come free.

However, a somewhat similar scenario can sometimes take place. Though such a phenomenon is rare, even new cars can be free. You immediately think about lotteries, but different companies can hold their own competitions as well. One is taking place this moment. AXA Insurance in association with Ford is currently holding a competition in which a Colorado Red Ford is the main prize.

The competition officially began on July 25 and will last until October 30. Who is eligible to take part in it? The competition is open to people who hold an AXA car insurance. How the policy was obtained makes no difference. A person who purchased this policy at some point during the competition’s run has equal chances as a person who has held one for some time. The same rules apply to customers who renewed their policies during this period. At the same time, there are several restrictions. The competition is only open to private customers. People working for AXA along with people affiliated with the company or related to its staff are automatically excluded from the draw. The competition is only open to permanent residents of England, Scotland, and Wales; unfortunately, Northern Ireland is not included.

Those who are eligible to take part in the AXA competition do not need to apply anywhere in order to take part; registration is automatic. The process of the prize draw is no different from any lottery; the Ford will be won by the competitor whose entry is drawn first. The car will not be the winner’s only prize; the sponsors will pay his road tax for the first year and assign a free insurance policy. The draw also offers three runner up prizes in the form of fuel gift vouchers, each worth £200. If the winner fails to claim his prize within four weeks from the time of the draw, a substitute selected in the same manner will get the prize.

Imaginary situations can make their way into reality. Even getting a car for free is a possibility. Good luck!

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