anti-idling law


More greener alternatives to conventional fossil fuel vehicles are gaining popularity nowadays. Even the government takes steps to convince the public to go for more environmentally-friendly vehicles. They’ve also created laws that help decrease environmental and health hazards brought about by vehicle idling.

Nowadays, some states already have idling limits for different kinds of vehicles like school buses and public city vehicles. They anti-idling law is a great way to reduce unnecessary emissions until such time that most cars already run on the greener source of fuel.

The Engine Anti-Idling Law

In a way to reduce emissions, the government now implements the anti-idling law to limit engine idling. This law covers all vehicles with a few exceptions. Vehicles that run on diesel or gasoline are only allowed to be idle for 3 minutes. Anyone who violates this rule will be given a ticket and fined for $500 for first-time violators.

A few exceptions to the rules include the following:

  • Private and non-commercial vehicles
  • In case the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, vehicles are allowed to be idle for only 5 minutes.
  • Vehicles are also allowed to idle when they are used for various operations requiring power. Examples of these vehicles are cement mixers, those with refrigeration systems.

Citizen Enforcement Pilot Program

The anti-idling law isn’t a brand new law but some feel that it is loosely enforced. In New York City, for example, the law was just tightly implemented starting 2009.

Nowadays, the Citizen Enforcement Pilot Program in Washington DC will use district residents to patrol and catch violators of the said law. They are to report using a mobile app and there are also some guidelines that help determine which information is needed for the report.

Other areas like Los Angeles city also introduced the anti-idling law limiting idling to only a minute. Philadelphia is also joining in the move for less emission by allowing its citizens to report violators through their mobile app or through their website.


Not all people can instantly switch to using vehicles with alternative and greener sources of fuel However, they can still help lessen the bad impact of the emissions on the health and environment with the anti-idling law.

There are different areas around the country that have their own versions of the anti-idling law. The fines and allowed idle time minutes also vary.