green trucking fleet


When you think about trucks and big vehicles, you may also imagine the thick black or gray cloud of exhaust coming from them. Well, that isn’t true for all trucking fleets. Nowadays, many are choosing to go down the greener road especially because of the LEZ or London’s Low Emission Zone.

Going green is a win-win for both the environment and the trucking companies. It attracts more customers, reduces cost, ensures the trucks pass the regulations and it helps reduce the truck’s carbon footprint.  To meet this new customer requirement, there are more and more trucking companies, fleet operations, and small businesses who are converting their fleets to be more environmentally conscious.

Let us introduce you to the top 10 on our list of 2019…

  1. UPS United Postal Service

    UPS is also very famous worldwide. They have a huge fleet of vehicles that uses greener fuel alternatives like natural gas. Their fleet of low emission vehicles also include electric powered delivery trucks. UPS doesn’t stop there, they also provide an option to go for paperless bills, electronic invoices and recycling of electronic equipment

  2. Ekol Bolster

    Ekol’s fleet recently expanded by adding 150 Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 LSnRL trucks. These are all eco- and driver-friendly vehicles running on 6 capable engines. By saving on fuel, they are able to fund their project of building a forest.

    The vehicles are not the only ones they focus on, they also focus on training their drivers to make them environmentally aware. They are also recipients of the WWF Green Office Certification due to their energy efficient lamps, decreasing paper usage, and extensive recycling programs that include left over food collection and sorting.

  3. Reliable Guys Towing

    With only 5 trucks in their towing fleet Reliable Guys Towing Service in St Louis, Missouri may not be making a globally-impacting dent on carbon emissions, but their willingness to buy the 2018 hybrid Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab for their truck fleet is setting the example for other small fleet operators, like this towing company, to follow.

    Fuel is such a large part of our towing costs and even 10 MPG saving in fuel efficiency can have a big impact on our business,” says owner Mike DeFranco, “We’re patiently waiting for an all electric version to come out to really see the difference.

  4. CitySprint

    CitySprint’s fleet electric vans and hydrogen vans but also pushbikes and cargo bikes. The electric vans don’t only save on fuel and lessen the carbon footprint. It also reduce the noise pollution especially in urban areas.

    Hydrogen vans run on quite new technology even for logistics in the UK. Besides this, they have an intelligent scheduling system. It further boosts efficiency and reduces dead mileage. Their service centers are also powered by renewable energy.

  5. JMS of Doncaster

    It has been 20 years since they’ve started with the business and at present their fleet has 75% EURO 6 compliant vehicles. There are training programs provided not only for drivers but for other employees as well.

    These help them achieve their goal of encourage everyone to be environmentally responsible. All are to recycle, manage energy consumption, and cut pollution.

  6. FedEx

    Partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund, FedEx only makes use of environmentally friendly vehicles. Currently, they have more than 200 hybrid-electric trucks. Efficiency is their priority and they continue to discover ways to further improve the efficiency of their fleet.

    Apart from opting for a greener fleet, they also help encourage other trucking companies to go for clean-technology vehicles.

  7. Greencarier Freight Services

    Greencarier Freight Services fleet of eco-friendly trucks run on engines that passed EU standards when it comes to less carbon emissions. The vehicles also have deflector kits to reduce drag while traveling.

    With CPC-certified drivers, safe and efficient driving is possible. Additionally, by using route-mazimizing fleet software, the idle time is also minimized and the driving economy is improved.

  8. DHL

    DHL is available all over the world. They do their part in optimizing their environmental footprint by using green carriers. These are 5% more carbon-efficient than other vehicles. Apart from this, they also use innovative technology and alternative energy sources for their warehousing, sustainable fuels and efficient fuel consumption for their vehicles, recycling and waste management, and eco-friendly packaging.

  9. LKW Walter

    When it comes to environmentally friendly transport solutions, LKW Walter is one of the top companies in Europe. They don’t just follow the trend, they commit to being green. They do this through optimization of their routes to reduce empty mileage. Intermodal transport among rail, ship and rode modes are also used for efficiency. Plus, they also use the latest eco-friendy equipment.

  10. Farrall’s Group

    This logistics company provides transport, warehousing and management solutions while searching for ways to decrease their emission output. They focus on the use of technology to help them with their scheduling. Moreover, they also choose hybrid and bio fuels as alternatives to the traditional diesel and gas. Lastly, they always keep an open mind when it comes to new technologies for a greener logistics business operation.

  11. SM Freight

    SM Freight has newer truck models that help lessen their carbon emission. In order to be more fuel efficient, they have a no idle policy and their trucks have a maximum speed limit. The newer trucks also have more efficient engines, trailer-side skirts, and automatic transmissions.

    Their drivers also undergo regular training to update driving techniques. These don’t only help them know how to save on fuel but also their lives.