myths about hybrid cars


When a new product enters the market, there is always an air of confusion and queries; the same is the case with the hybrid cars, which hit the road in the recent years with its high-power and environment-friendly features.

Let us look at the myths spreading in the market about them.

1. Hybrid cars maintenance costs are very high

Hybrid technology offers a better maintenance on its own with its cleaner fuel and low emissions. So it does not require a frequent maintenance as required by conventional cars. The only worrying cost is the service charges, which is normally higher than a conventional car. As hybrid technology is new, getting a professional to repair your car may be a costly affair for a few more years.

2. Hybrid batteries need to be replaced

It is true that a hybrid car battery is costlier than a normal one. It may cost upto $4000 to get a new battery system installed if the warranty is void. But the hybrid car manufacturers assert that the battery is intended to work for a lifetime of the hybrid car, and so rarely needs to be replaced.

3. Hybrid cars are not spacious

If you consider the size of Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, it is true that they are not up to the expectation of an average user. But new models such as Ford Escape and Lexus RX 400h offer you more space and still more models are waiting to hit the road in the near future.

4. Hybrid cars do not offer a performance speed

The Honda Accord hybrid, world’s first hybrid sport sedan, is the fastest among the models available in the market, offers a speed of 253hp @ 6,000RPM. Lexus RX400h and Toyota Highlander have a 208hp speed. The market will witness revolutionary models such as the Lexus GS 450h sedan with a 300hp and Toyota Volta with a 408hp in the near future.

5. A hybrid car needs to be plugged in

Although hybrid technology works with the help of electricity, yet there is no need of any plug to start the action of the battery. In fact, due to the regenerative action of the battery, the energy which is normally wasted when a car is stopped, is redirected to the batteries. Because of this continuous action the battery remains charged always.

6. Hybrid cars are expensive

At one glance it seems to be so. The price of the popular hybrid range starts from $19,000 to $53,000. The relief to this problem is the resale value which is offered to the hybrid cars. Toyota Priuse has been sold almost at the cost of a new built in the resale market. Moreover, the government is offering many tax incentives to hybrid car owners. With all these into consideration, it would not be a bad idea to own a Civic or a Prius, below $30,000.

7. People buy hybrids only because of their fuel efficiency

Though the first priority of a car buyer is its economical advantage and fuel efficiency, hybrid cars shine in the market because of its environment-friendly aspects too, the car is a sign to let others know how serious you are about the environment.