PlanetThoughts – Shout Out Competition


The folks over at PlanetThoughts are sponsoring Super-Cars Shout Out Competition as a way to recognize eco-conscious citizens fight against climate change by driving a high-mileage car.

The concept is simple:

  1. Find high mileage cars in your area. PT has a list of high-mileage cars (>40 mpg…)
  2. Place the PlanetThoughts flyer on the windshield and take a picture of the car.
  3. Send it in to PlanetThoughts.
  4. Click here for full details.

We all want to do what we can to reduce the global warming gases that get emitted, especially in our own areas of living and working, where we have the most direct influence. To add another dimension, it would be great to congratulate others who are doing something to help the environment.

To offer your congratulations, print off one of the contest’s flyers, place on a high-mileage car you encounter in your day-to-day activities, take a picture, and upload it to PlanetThoughts. The winner will receive a cash prize of at least $500 (see below). Car owners whose vehicles appear on the site also have a chance at some cash: contact the folks at PT if your car appears in a contest photo, and you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing for $50. The contest runs through the Labor Day.


Despite the recent increase in news coverage of global warming, main stream media generally provides their audience with little more than surface information addressing global environmental issues. Further, the vital issues of energy availability, “peak oil” and of resource depletion are rarely mentioned. This failure has real consequences in a world that must immediately confront and plan for these mounting challenges. It is essential that the vast majority of the citizenry be informed on these issues as they are unprecedented in the scope and depth of their impact on daily life. is organized around the environmental aspects of this converging crisis. These issues underlie many of the immediate challenges that global society faces. believes that the path to a solution lies first in better understanding of the environmental basis for these conditions, followed by and in parallel with collective action to change government policies and societal attitudes.

Their Web site ( provides focused environment information with positive energy and insight, for concerned individuals around the world. The specific means for this include news items, blog entries, quotes, reviews, stories, and tips. They refer to these items as “PlanetThoughts”.

We hope you will join their community early and often, with an eye towards a positive future for us all. Clear information is the first step toward creating a population of citizen leaders committed to protecting and bettering the world’s environment